SurePay presents Developer Portal with API documentation for implementation

Our Confirmation of Payee makes it very easy to check payments. With the new Developer Portal, we make it easier for developers to integrate this solution.

The Developer Portal is specifically designed to help developers integrate our Confirmation of Payee solution into their systems. The Portal is an automatically generated and customisable website with all the API documentation. Users can explore the API, learn how to work with them and request access. 

Discover our APIs for:

Simplify the implementation of our Confirmation of Payee solution in your payment processes for more effective and secure payment data management.

– David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay

What is the SurePay Developer Portal?

Our SurePay Developer Portal helps developers integrate our Confirmation of Payee solution into their systems. We simplify the integration to speed up the implementation process. We do this with:

About the SurePay APIs

The SurePay APIs have a REST-based architecture. These APIs use predictable resource-oriented URLs, accept form-encoded requests, return JSON-encoded responses and adhere to standard HTTP response codes and authentication methods.

You can use the APIs in test mode, so live data remains untouched and you don’t trigger interactions with banking networks. With the API key for authentication, you can decide which mode you want to work in (test or live). Go through the comprehensive API documentation to get the most out of our APIs.

How can I get started?

Visit our Developer Portal at, there you will find all available information. Read more about real-time data provisioning and offline hosting via file exchange, as available solutions.

Tip: do you have questions about this? Schedule a free meeting with Louise Astbury, Business Developer at SurePay.

How do you use the DevPortal to prevent fraud and errors?

Our DevPortal helps developers at banks, organisations and PSPs to integrate our Confirmation of Payee into their systems. With the Portal, we make implementation easier and faster. Use our solutions, for example, for onboardings, KYC and KYS.

Instance compliance with the PSR mandate

The Payment System Regulator (PSR) requires Payment Service Providers (PSP) and Building Societies in the UK to implement the Confirmation of Payee (CoP) solution by October 31 2024. With our CoP solution you are immediately PSR compliant.

Our Confirmation of Payee solution helps PSPs to comply with PSR mandate. Our Developer Portal makes it easier to implement our CoP solution. Visit to find out more about the features and operation.

Implement our Confirmation of Payee

We are the pioneer and market leader in Confirmation of Payee for banks, organisations and PSPs. Verify payments and other (customer) data, with a simple check. We like to make things easy for our customers, both with the check and, for example, with the Developer Portal, which contains additional information. 

Martin Heere is Business Development Analyst at SurePay and collaborated on the development. He explains, “SurePay’s Developer Portal makes it easy for developers to quickly implement Confirmation of Payee and comply with PSR.”

Do you have questions about the Developer Portal, our Confirmation of Payee solution or how to become compliant on time? Send us a message. We are happy to tell you more.

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