Confirmation of Payee
For PSPs

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Seamless integration

Become CoP compliant

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Tailored CoP solution for PSPs
Prevent APP fraud
Fewer accidental or misdirected payments
Regulatory Compliance
Correct customer data
Seamless and secure payment experience

How does it work?

SurePay allows PSPs to offer Pay.UK’s Confirmation of Payee solution to their customers.
When implemented, customers receive either one of the following matching results:

Why implement now?

The clock is ticking…


The Confirmation of Payee deadline is quickly approaching. Stay ahead of the curve and protect your PSP from any financial and legal penalties by becoming compliant on time.

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Be Compliant in 6 simple steps

Knowing your CoP needs helps us implement the right solution. Group 2 firms will need to be able to send and respond to CoP requests to and from other banks and PSPs. Book a meeting with us to start your CoP journey.

When you decide to implement our solution, SurePay will inform Pay UK on your behalf. Pay UK is the recognised operator and standards body for the UK’s interbank payment system, and enrolment is mandatory for all firms required to implement CoP.

SurePay’s CoP experts will work with your team to plan out a strategy for your CoP implementation, laying out key timelines and a target implementation date.

Implementation involves the deployment and integration of a SurePay CoP solution with your existing systems and processes.

Once the implementation is complete, the CoP solution is thoroughly tested and evaluated to ensure it meets your CoP requirements.
The final step once everything has been implemented and approved is to go live. Once live, your CoP system will begin sending and responding to CoP requests from other PSPs.

How CoP can benefit your PSP

Fraud & Repairs

Cross-Border solution

Clean Payment Order

Why SurePay?

As the market leader, SurePay is experienced in providing you with a range of ‘Plug and Play’ solutions that remove the costs and implementation barriers. While ensuring that no matter what CoP solution you decide upon, it can be fully integrated, taking you a step closer to a frictionless payment journey.

Fraud reduction
SurePay’s CoP solution has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the occurrence of invoice-related fraud and certain forms of Authorised Push Payment (APP) Fraud. By verifying payee details, our solution adds an additional layer of security, making it more difficult for fraudsters to execute unauthorised transactions.

Limit fraudsters’ options

With SurePay’s CoP solution, PSPs can limit the number of methods that fraudsters can exploit. By validating payee information, our solution acts as a deterrent, dissuading fraudsters from attempting fraudulent activities and protecting PSPs and their customers from financial losses.
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Prevent misdirected payment
One of the significant benefits of SurePay’s CoP solution is its ability to decrease the value and volume of misdirected payments. By accurately verifying payee details, our solution helps ensure that transactions are directed to the intended payee, reducing errors and minimising the risk of payments being sent to incorrect accounts.
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Customer trust
By implementing CoP, PSPs can increase customer confidence and satisfaction. Customers appreciate the added security measures that protect their transactions, leading to increased trust in the PSP’s services.

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