Confirmation of Payee Portal

Immediately check whether you have the correct customer, supplier or employee details.

The SurePay solution is offered to corporations through their banks.

Fewer accidental or misdirected payments

Improved customer experience


Regulatory Compliance


Seamless and secure payment experience

How it works


The details entered are a match. Your records are in order. Download the PDF as burden of proof.

Close match

If you make a typo in the name, we show the name known to the bank. Adjust the suggested name with just one click.

No match

The details entered do not match. Please contact the person you wanted to pay to and verify the payment information.

What other results do you get?

Is it a business or personal account?
Be sure you are paying a company.
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Does the account have a SRD number?
Always know whether an SRD number belongs to the account
Is the account active or closed?
Avoid transferring money to a closed account.
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Has the account holder switched banks?
Get notified when the account holder has switched banks

File Check (PRO)

On our portal you easily check files for errors and fraud. In addition, you will receive additional information about the accounts entered:

The features of the Confirmation of Payee Portal at a glance

Instant result

Safe and secure

Reduce risk of fraud

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