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SurePay was founded in 2016 and has been providing Confirmation of Payee to all major Dutch banks since 2017. In the years that followed, SurePay expanded its customer base and began providing the Confirmation of Payee service to banks, corporations, building society, and partners. SurePay now performs over 400,000 checks each day in the UK and works closely with Pay.UK to continuously improve its Confirmation of Payee, while expanding in Europe to offer cross-border and domestic checks and connection the world via Swift-Pre validation.

Active in the UK
Active in Europe
75+ employees
20+ nationalities

We are on a mission to protect both our clients and their customers against the growing threat of fraud worldwide, both cross-border and multi-domestic.

– David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay

We won several award

Customer satisfaction score of 8.5

The feedback and comments of our customers are very valuable to us. Therefore, as in previous years, we have conducted our Customer Satisfaction Survey. We are very pleased with the results: our customers rate our Confirmation of Payee solution and the partnership with SurePay with an 8.5.

Our Clients

ISO Audit and Audit Report:

ISAE 3000 Type II Report (based on ISO 27001)

ISAE 3000

Audit Type II Report

Data & Security

Data security and ensuring the uninterrupted availability of SurePay services are paramount to us. To uphold these standards, we maintain ISO 27001:2013 compliance. Furthermore, we conduct an annual ISAE 3000 type II audit at SUREPAY B.V. to assess our Information Security Management System, aligning with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 framework. The successful completion of these audits confirms our adherence to all facets of the information security requirements standard.

To dive deeper into our security practices, please see our security page.

Our core values

Our core values define the way we do business every day and the way we work with each other, customers and partners.

We Care: We are a supportive employer and understand that health, family and safety are truly important.

Build Together: We believe in teamwork and strive for the best results together.

Think Forward: By continuously anticipating the needs of tomorrow, we lead the way with solutions that secure the future today.

Be Responsible: We all contribute to achieving our mission of reducing fraud and improper payments, leading to a positive impact on society.

We Care
Build Together
Think Forward
Be Responsible

The people at SurePay​

Our team consists of over 75+ colleagues, located in Utrecht, the UK, Germany and Belgium. Below you’ll find the team members that you will most likely be in touch with. Together we serve over 500 companies and banks in the UK and across Europe

Management team

David-Jan Janse

Chief Executive Officer

Marcel Rienties

Chief Product Officer

Friso Schutte

Chief Technical Officer

Ralf van den Berg

Chief Financial Officer

Iwan Mouton

Head of Revenue

Business team

Richard Koldewijn

Head of UK Operations

SurePay Profile Picture-Adrian
Adrian Lee-Jarman

Senior Business Development Manager

SurePay Profile Picture-Louise (1)
Louise Astbury

Business Development Associate

Willem van Hooft

Head of Legal

Vanessa Sternklint
Corporate Lawyer
Martin Heere
Business Analyst
Eelco Rietveld
Product Manager
Arthur Straathof
Implementation Manager
Ramon Verweij

Head of Marketing

Lotte Ploeg

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Maarten Knippers

Product Owner Cross Border

Florian Blom

Customer Succes Manager

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