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SurePay’s Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service is an innovative, real-time name checking solution that gives UK payers greater assurance that their payments are going to the intended recipient.

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Seamless and secure payment experience
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Be PSR compliant and add value
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Offered both cross border and domestic
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Prevent fraud and misdirected payments

Our products

Confirmation of Payee for PSPs

Immediately check whether you have the correct customer, supplier or employee details.


Confirmation of Payee for Building Societies

Future proof your Building Society with Confirmation of Payee

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Confirmation of Payee Portal for Organisations

The CoP solution made accessible to organisations through their banks.

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European Solution

Our European solution is a single point of contact for the European coverage 

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IBAN-Name Check
Our IBAN-Name Check solution is offered both in the Netherlands and across Europe.

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Are you PSR compliant?

Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) announced that Group 2 needs to have implemented CoP before the end of 31 October 2024. This means you need to be able to respond to CoP requests as well as sending CoP requests to other banks to verify the beneficiary details before initiating a payment. Want to know what the mandate means to your organisation?

How it works

CoP prevents misdirected payments and APP fraud by ensuring that the recipients and account information provided by the payee match. If the recipient’s name does not match the account details or has a typo, the payee will be notified in the form of ‘no match’ or a ‘close match’.
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The latest developments

We are on a mission to protect both our clients and their customers against the growing threat of fraud worldwide, both cross-border and multi-domestic.

– David-Jan Janse, CEO SurePay

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