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Tailored CoP solutions to suit your Building Society’s needs
Become CoP compliant on time

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How does it work?

With CoP implemented, Building Societies can verify member account details before deposits are made

Why implement now?

The clock is ticking…

With less than one year to go, all Building Societies must now think seriously about how they’re going to implement a CoP system that conforms with regulatory requirements. As we move towards the October 2024 deadline, there’s a lot of implementation work to be done. This might lead to longer waiting and implementation times. Starting now will help to avoid the impact of this.

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Be Compliant in 6 simple steps

Knowing your CoP needs helps us implement the right solution. Group 2 firms will need to be able to send and respond to CoP requests to and from other banks and PSPs. Book a meeting with us to start your CoP journey.

When you decide to implement our solution, SurePay will inform Pay UK on your behalf. Pay UK is the recognised operator and standards body for the UK’s interbank payment system, and enrolment is mandatory for all firms required to implement CoP.

SurePay’s CoP experts will work with your team to plan out a strategy for your CoP implementation, laying out key timelines and a target implementation date.

Implementation involves the deployment and integration of a SurePay CoP solution with your existing systems and processes.

Once the implementation is complete, the CoP solution is thoroughly tested and evaluated to ensure it meets your CoP requirements.
The final step once everything has been implemented and approved is to go live. Once live, your CoP system will begin sending and responding to CoP requests from other PSPs.

Benefits for Building Societies

Member experience



Other features of the SurePay CoP solution

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Real-time management information

The solution provides real-time, comprehensive insight into all incoming CoP requests, outbound CoP responses and more – accessed through easy-to-use tooling and scheduled reports delivered straight to your inbox.


Data whitelisting

The CoP solution has specifically designed functionality to support account groups with vulnerable characteristics or accounts with complex structures, safeguarding their privacy whilst maintaining best matching capability.
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Flexible data analysis and query management
Dedicated tooling will empower your staff to run their own queries and analyse historic matching responses, while predefined filters enable analysis based on a range of unique identifiers, including account lookup, matching response and timestamp.
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Cross border payments
Our solution also checks international bank accounts, ensuring cross border remittances can enjoy the same fraud benefits as domestic payments

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