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As the market leader in sustainable banking, Triodos has redefined the purpose of banking, proving that financial institutions can be profitable and force for positive change. This case study delves into the essence of Triodos Bank, exploring their mission, impact, and the role they play in shaping a more sustainable and safe financial future with Confirmation of Payee (CoP). 

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Triodos operates on a blissfully simple business model, providing customers with complete transparency. With a focus on aligning finances with values, the bank allows customers to invest in socially and environmentally responsible organisations. 

Ahead of the curve solution

Triodos customers are driven by empathy and a desire to invest in charitable causes, causing them to be more susceptible to APP scams. The bank realised this and sought a solution to improve their cyber hygiene.


During phase one, when the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) mandated the main banks (the so-called PSR6) to implement CoP, Triodos saw an opportunity to upgrade their security infrastructure. Thus, Triodos sought out CoP vendors in Phase 1, alongside the major banks, ahead of the rest of Tier 2. This forward-thinking approach demonstrated Triodos dedication to staying ahead of industry norms and emphasising the importance of their customer-centred approach.

SurePay’s CoP solution

SurePay, the UK market leader and inventor of the IBAN-Name Check in the Netherlands, stood out during the vendor selection process. SurePay’s distinctive CoP outbound messaging, defined by its customer friendly tone, perfectly aligned with Triodos customer-centric approach of avoiding alarming warning messages that could result in an influx of customer queries. 

Triodos saw SurePay’s inherent value and chose them as their major vendor in both the UK and the Netherlands. This choice not only confirmed Triodos commitment to protecting its clients, but also to collaborate with organisations that share their mission. 

“Despite not being mandated, Triodos viewed CoP as a must-have to align with customer expectations”

Graham Snow, Head of Change and ICT Services, Triodos Bank

Implementation and aftercare

The CoP implementation process by SurePay required close collaboration between the SurePay developer team and Triodos headquarters in the Netherlands. 

SurePay's proactive aftercare, consisting of service reviews and milestone planning, guaranteed a seamless transition without compromising the customer experience

SurePay collaborated closely with Triodos to develop the necessary interfaces, infrastructure, completing the implementation within four months. SurePay’s commitment and efficient execution indicate their ability to meet industry standards in a timely manner.
SurePay proved helpful and easily accessible throughout the process. You can tell they have a lot of experience, so implementation ran smoothly and issues were resolved quickly.

Secure ethical bank with SurePay

With SurePay’s CoP solution, Triodos can now offer the security measures that their highly transactional and mission-driven customer base mistakenly assumed they have with other banks. Triodos aims to demonstrate that ethical banking can be profitable and that it is committed to maintain and optimise their cyber hygiene.

By utilising SurePay’s API CoP and CoP Portal, Triodos continues to champion transparency and security in ethical banking. Collaborating with organisations like SurePay further positions Triodos as a leader in sustainable and secure banking practices, reinforcing their commitment to providing a trustworthy and protective financial environment for their valued customers.

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