Rabobank introduces Pay to Mobile with SurePay PayID

Starting today, Rabobank customers can use the Rabo App to transfer and receive money to a mobile number. An IBAN account number is no longer required. This makes Rabobank the first major bank in the Netherlands to offer this new way of payment. This innovation is made possible by SurePay’s IBAN-Name Check.

No account number required account number required

Abroad it is already very common to pay directly to the contacts in your phone. To make this possible in the Netherlands as well, SurePay developed SurePay PayID. Pay to Mobile is the first functionality that will become available to banks for implementation in online and mobile banking apps. Pay to Mobile is integrated in the API of IBAN-Name Check. This enables each bank to offer safe and reliable payments to mobile numbers in its own environment.

Safe through extra control

Transferring money to a mobile number is just as safe as transferring money to an account number. Before a transfer is made, it is first checked whether the mobile number belongs to the IBAN number and name of the recipient. SurePay’s IBAN-Name Check prevents incorrect transfers from being made.
David-Jan Janse, CEO of SurePay: “Pay to Mobile is an innovation based on SurePay’s IBAN-Name Check. We have made it even safer and developed it in such a way that you can pay to all your contacts at any bank. Abroad, Pay to Mobile is already a great success already” .

Rabo Pay to Mobile

With Pay to Mobile, Rabobank makes it even easier for its customers to pay. For example the babysitter from whom you do not have an account number, but you do have a mobile number. You open the Rabo App and select a mobile number instead of an account number when making a transfer. The money is directly in the recipient’s account. “Super handy that you can pay acquaintances immediately without asking them for their account number”, says Alexander Zwart, Tribe Lead Digital Platform at Rabobank. Customers who want to receive money on their mobile number must first register once in the Rabo App.

For the time being only for Rabobank customers

At the moment only clients of Rabobank can use Pay to Mobile. Alexander Zwart: “We hope that other banks will soon offer this service, just like the IBAN-Name Check, to their customers, so that you can also transfer money to acquaintances who do not have a Rabobank account”.

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