Cross Border Confirmation of Payee

CoP prevents misdirected payments and reduces push payment fraud by confirming that the payee’s name matches the name on the intended recipient’s bank account. This gives you and your customers confidence that any payments you make will reach the intended recipient.

Payments have increasingly shifted to digital channels around the world, resulting in an increase in fraud cases, with Authorised Push Payment fraud being a growing issue. This type of fraud involves deceiving individuals and organisations into transferring funds to the wrong accounts.

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Secure Cross-Border payments

In response to this global problem, we have launched the world’s first Cross-Border CoP solution by partnering with and StreamMind. Our new cross-border CoP service allows businesses and banks to ensure that account information matches the intended beneficiary when sending payments between France and the Netherlands. This is achieved by using the Confirmation of Payee verification process, which involves directly accessing the bank’s account databases. It is an effective, efficient, and cost-effective method of significantly reducing instances of serious fraud that are very easy to fall victim to.This means we now check domestic, regional and global payments.

The features of the Confirmation of Payee Portal at a glance

We use cutting-edge technology and Confirmation of Payee to give Payment Service Providers the confidence they need to make domestic and international payments without fear of fraud.

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