The SurePay CoP Authorisation Server

SurePay’s Authorisation Server provides all our customers with secure API access to the Open Banking Directory allowing them to easily perform Confirmation of Payee (CoP) checks.

It’s API functionality complies fully with the rules and technical standards set by Pay.UK for CoP.

In addition, it has been developed to ensure it can support the wider participant eligibility rules, that will come into force later in 2021.

Key features

The SurePay Authorisation Server ensures our customers benefit from secure and full-featured API functionality:

  • A PSD2, FAPI compliant Authorisation Server
  • Designed to support all UK PSPs
  • Dynamic Client Registration that supports seamless and automatic onboarding

Making CoP integration easy

It's easy and straightforward to integrate the SurePay CoP service into your existing systems

Already enrolled in Open Banking?

If you are, then it's easy.  Simply connect our CoP APIs into your existing Open Banking Authorisation Server for a hassle free integration. 

Not enrolled in Open Banking, but wanting CoP?

The eligibility criteria for access to CoP is changing and all UK PSPs can now register to use the service.  

If this is you, then integration is also easy.  All that is required is to establish an API connection with SurePay’s Auth Server, which is already tested and integrated with the Open Banking Directory.

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How the Authorisation Server works

The SurePay Authorisation Server plays a vital role in the successful processing of a CoP request:

  • The first step is about on-boarding the client (paying bank) onto SurePay’s Authorisation Server.  It’s a seamless, automatic ‘dynamic client registration’ process, which happens at the very beginning before a CoP request is made
  • Then for each CoP request, the paying bank requests an ‘access [OAuth2] token’ from SurePay
  • The paying bank then issues the CoP request, with the OAuth2 token, to SurePay
  • SurePay then immediately validates the request against the Authorisation server

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