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The payments landscape has evolved and faster, digital payments have become the preferred way to pay. This accelerated behaviour is thanks to more connected devices and the increased demand for new digital channels. Add a global pandemic into the mix, and the shift towards faster, digital payments is here to stay. This has opened up a world of opportunities and enhanced experiences, which is great for consumers. However, given that these payments can be cleared in a matter of seconds, it’s also attracted the attention of fraudsters in numbers – and that’s not great news for anyone.

For payment service providers like Building Societies, taking the necessary steps to ensure payments or deposits made by their members remain safe, while not negatively impacting on the user-experience is key. That’s why Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a ‘must-have’. Put simply, CoP is an account name checking service in the UK that helps to prevent payments from being accidentally or fraudulently misdirected. With over one million CoP checks taking place every day, adopted by over 30 UK banks and 2 Building Societies, it’s quickly become widely respected in the payment industry.


               Benefits for Building Societies

   Member experience

  • Prevents Misdirected Payments
  • Onboarding new Members
  • Members not depositing


  • Positive Reputation
  • Receiving a Match, Close Match
  • CoP Member & Building Society

Phase 2

  • Easier access for BS
  • SRD / Roll number included
  • SurePay is live with Phase 2


  • Prevents Fraud
  • Lowers administrative costs
  • SurePay Authorisation server

Our name matching algorithm

SurePay's CoP solution is built around our industry leading name matching algorithm, which combines cutting-edge data science technology with a deep knowledge of transactions and payer behaviour. Unlike conventional solutions, our algorithm is specifically designed to support client requirements for a robust CoP service:

  1. Highly accurate name matching within milliseconds, that enhances the customer's payment experience
  2. Able to recognise both structured and unstructured data input formats, without impacting performance standards
  3. Helping every client prevent fraud and identify mistakes, whether they are a financial institution or a corporate organisation

Other features of the SurePay CoP solution

  • Real-time management information
    The solution provides real-time, comprehensive insight into all incoming CoP requests, outbound CoP responses and more - accessed through easy-to-use tooling and scheduled reports delivered straight to your inbox
  • Flexible data analysis and query management
    Dedicated tooling will empower your staff to run their own queries and analyse historic matching responses, while predefined filters enable analysis based on a range of unique identifiers, including account lookup, matching response and timestamp
  • Data whitelisting
    The CoP solution has specifically designed functionality to support account groups with vulnerable characteristics or accounts with complex structures, safeguarding their privacy whilst maintaining best matching capability
  • Cross border payments
    Our solution also checks international bank accounts, ensuring cross border remittances can enjoy the same fraud benefits as domestic payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

CoP for Organisations

How can the CoP check help my company?

The SurePay CoP check can help your company in several ways - our existing customers generally use it to overcome three issues:

  1. Make sure who your customer is: implement the CoP check at the onboarding of new customers to ensure the process goes as fluently as possible and to decrease the chances of fraud. 
  2. Ensure you have the correct payment details: implement the CoP check in your payment system to ensure that your payment or invoice goes to the right person or company.
  3. Speed up the process: manual checks on your customer and/or suppliers costs time and resources. Our API solution works instantly and shows in a blink of an eye if the provided name corresponds with the payee name and bank account.

Can you give examples of client cases?

Several of our clients applied the CoP service at their onboarding and client accepting process. They recorded a 90% decrease in drop-outs during onboarding and a 80% decrease in fraudulent onboarding.

Example clients: The Netherlands’ largest insurance companies and Atom Bank in the UK.

Many of our clients make use of the CoP service to reduce the percentage of uncollectible invoices. Our clients saw a decrease of 50% in overall uncollectible invoices as a result of implementing our CoP solution.

Example clients: We performed millions of CoP checks for the Dutch government and HMRC for the Covid-19 payouts.

Which accounts can be checked for CoP?

All Sterling accounts of CoP participating banks can be checked. The check can be applied on both personal and business accounts.

As from March 2020, the CoP service is live in the UK for all major banks. Since then, new banks are joining the CoP scheme every month and thereby increasing the coverage.

On an international level, SurePay is able to provide the service across borders as well. This service is available in countries where SurePay is currently active. For more information please fill in the contact form

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CoP for FI's

What are project lead times?

Please request a sample implementation plan to learn more about the process and timelines for implementing SurePay Confirmation of Payee or the IBAN-Name Check.

How does SurePay Confirmation of Payee integrate with FI systems?

All of SurePay’s Confirmation of Payee solutions are API-based and can be easily integrated with existing FI infrastructure. The solution is a Software-as-a-Service solution and therefore does not require the deployment or installation of any physical devices in FI datacentres.

Integrating the SurePay CoP solution is relatively simple due to its API-based nature. Depending on your wishes, you may prefer to include some of SurePay’s data management options specifically designed for Confirmation of Payee.

How does SurePay Confirmation of Payee support in Data Management?

Throughout our experience as the leading Confirmation of Payee Solution provider in the Netherlands, it’s become apparent that having a name matching algorithm in place alone does not sufficiently support FIs seeking to deliver Confirmation of Payee. Another key component is managing FI data and having the right data available for matching purposes.

SurePay’s data management solutions do provide a variety of ways through which FI may provision their data to the name matching functionality, whilst taking into account both the needs of Large Scale FIs and smaller scale FIs. Please request a brochure here for more information on the data management options SurePay has available for you.

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