SurePay is Phase 2 ready

Pay.UK's Confirmation of Payee started in 2020 and includes a name checking service in combination with account number and sort code. At the start of Phase 1, several UK banks, building societies and other PSPs have successfully implemented CoP. Building on the success of Phase 1, Pay.UK is now developing the second phase.

Once Phase 2 goes live SurePay offers support for both Phase 1 and 2 during a hybrid period. During this period, SurePay facilitates requests and responses to CoP participants. This service will be supported until all Phase 1 participants are onboarded to Phase 2.

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Phase 2 highlights

The Open Banking Directory will be split into two domains for FIs without Open Banking PSD2 purpose.

Phase 1

PSD2 domain
Existing role profiles (ASFI, PISP, AISP, CBPII)

Phase 2

Pay.UK domain
CoP roles (CoP Requester & CoP Responder)

The scope includes all accounts from Phase 1 plus the following

  • Accounts addressable by the secondary reference data
  • FIs that do not own their own sort code in the EISCD
  • Including Collection Account FI’s
  • FIs regulated by non-PSD2 NCAs (e.g. Crown Dependencies)

Secondary Reference Number

SurePay will be able to send a secondary reference and collection account in their CoP requests. SurePay will use the secondary reference data to identify the underlying account and destination payee within their systems. If there is a response, SurePay will display the relevant info to the payer.

Dynamic testing

Phase 1 requires buddy testing in order to perform CoP sending and responding. Phase 2 utilises CoP SSA and certificate, thereby automatically using OB Dynamic Client Registration. Automatic testing will be available.

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