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Reduction in fraud and fake orders at STRATO

Hosting provider STRATO has been using the SurePay Confirmation of Payee solution since the summer of 2020. The results are impressive.

Daniël de Swart, Netherlands Project Manager at STRATO:

"Since the introduction of the SurePay Confirmation of Payee solution, we have seen a reduction of more than 80% in fraudulent orders compared to the previous year".

SurePay introduced the Confirmation of Payee solution in 2017 to make online payments safer and more personal. After its successful implementation at the banks, the solution also proved to be of great value to companies. CoP for Organisations can be used at various points in the business process.


STRATO is a web hosting service with headquarters in Berlin. STRATO has been offering hosting services and cloud storage to customers in the Netherlands since 2006. STRATO focuses on start-ups that want to create their own website easily and cheaply. In Europe, STRATO serves more than 2 million customers.

Fraudulent orders

STRATO was looking for a solution to combat fraud and mistakes in the on-boarding of new customers. The company had its hands full with the administration of orders that were incomplete or incorrect.
Following some research, Daniël de Swart became aware of SurePay's services. After an introductory meeting, he discovered that CoP could solve a well-known problem for hosting parties, namely fraudulent or even rogue orders.
This kind of order connects an applicant with false bank and/or name and address details. Often the invoice for such orders cannot be collected or is collected from the wrong person or organisation. The order must then be blocked and canceled. Several departments within STRATO are involved in the processing of these orders. That process is labor-intensive and expensive
The social damage, however, can be many times greater as fraudulent orders are often used to keep websites with a criminal intent, such as phishing websites, up and running.

Confirmation of Payee

STRATO has integrated the CoP check into the ordering process by means of an API link. If the combination of name and account details match, the customer will not notice anything and is immediately connected. In cases where an abnormality is detected, a check is carried out. When fraud is suspected, an applicant is not accepted.

80% Decrease in fraudulent orders

The number of invoices that are not paid or canceled in the first month has also decreased by more than 25%.


The implementation of the CoP check has significantly reduced the number of fraudulent orders and the administrative burden associated with it. Daniel: “The number of fraudulent orders has been reduced by more than 80% compared to the same period a year earlier. The number of invoices that are not paid or canceled in the first month has also decreased by more than 25%.”

Smooth implementation

STRATO is very pleased with the collaboration with SurePay. From digital signing of the contract to the Jira ticketing system for fast answers to enquiries. The connection with the API turned out to be easy to integrate into the customer system, and the development of the project went according to expectations.

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