SurePay makes payments personal, easier and even more secure and verifies if the name entered in online banking matches with one of the names registered in the SurePay database. The check gives a notification if something deviates. This way you can check whether you are paying the right person or company. SurePay performs over 620,000 checks a day in the UK and has worked closely with Pay.UK to launch its Confirmation of Payee solution.

SurePay Numbers 2023 in the UK 653,000,000 Checks since live in March 2020

Total global checks since 2017
UK Banks and Building Societies using SurePay CoP
No match warnings
Average uptime
Market share, leader CoP vendor market
Checks per day
68 ms
Average processing time

Best in class Conformation of Payee solution

SurePay Confirmation of Payee ‘s matching algorithm combines cutting-edge data science techniques with profound knowledge of transactions and payer’s behavior to help prevent fraud and mistakes whilst facilitating Straight Through Processing. The SurePay algorithm is specifically designed for Confirmation of Payee from scratch. Every check should be accurate to avoid false positives or false negatives. It looks quite simple but it's quite complex for example Elisabeth is a match with Betty, but also we take into account initials, joint account, abbreviations, truncations, out of order and many other human inconsistencies.


SurePay has proudly received several awards in recent years.

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